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NTB-70 樹脂系列軸承 / Resin Bearing
NTB-70 Series
Substrate characteristics
Using a variety of high-qualty plastic injection molding oricess,it suitable for mass production,low manufacturing cost.Self-lubricating performance can be maintenance-free oil-free,high carrying capacity,no bite shaft phenomenon,good corrosion resistance,low coefficient of friction comparde to metal-based bearings,light weight,low production costs,high producton efficiency.Widely used in motor vehicles industry,fax machines,copiers,food machinery,fitness machinery,chemical industry,etc.
Technical Parameters
Max.Load Static 180N/mm2   Temp -40℃~80℃
Dynamic 100N/mm2   Friction coefficient 0.05~0.20
Max.Spped Dry 1m/s   Thermal conductivity 0.2W(m·k)-1
Lubrication >1m/s  
Max.pv(Dry) Short-term 1N/mm2·m/s   coefficient of thermal expansion 10-1*K-5
Contincuos 0.8N/mm2·m/s  
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