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NTB-20 邊界潤滑軸承 / Marginal-Lubrication Bearing
NTB-20 Series
Substrate characteristics
For high load low speed of rotation,oscillating motion and the heavy load can not open and close as often as the site,under the boundary lubrication conditions,long-term use without refueling,refurling process will greatly improve the life of sleeve.Wear-resistant surface layer of the oil hole size holes can be used as storage.Has been widely used in metallurgical machinery,mining machinery,imigation machinery motor vehicles,construction machinery,agricultural machinery,steel rolling machinery.
Technical Parameters
Max.Load Static 250N/mm2   Temp -195℃~+280℃
Dynamic 140N/mm2   Friction coefficient Dry 0.03~0.20
Rotating oscillating 60N/mm2   Lubrication >2m/s
Max.Spped Dry 2m/s   Thermal conductivity 42W(m·k)-1
Lubrication >2m/s  
Max.pv(Dry) Short-term 3.6N/mm2·m/s   coefficient of thermal expansion 11×10-6K-1
Contincuos 1.8N/mm2·m/s  
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